"It could be said the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Manda Mosher is the female equivalent of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty rolled into one. The striking and very pretty Nordic blonde, dressed in what could best be described as Evil Knievel-inspired garb, performed standout set at The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon, with authority and conviction." - Harriet Kaplan, Live Music News & Reviews

 "Beautiful, compelling melodies with poignant lyrics sung with a sensual, sultry authority... This is good, this is now." -Paul Zollo, American Songwriter Magazine

"Manda is a great artist. She's the real deal and one of the only new female artists doing rock these days who can really sing." -Anita West, 97- Rock, Buffalo WBFO /NPR

"The middle ground between spoken and sung that Mosher occupies gives the tales on the album (City of Clowns) the feel of secrets. She is letting us in on something that no one else knows. The songs on the EP are amped up, the kind of instrumental punch that makes you reach for the volume now because the existing sound waves are not coming through loud enough. -
The Alternate Root

"Singer/songwriter Manda Mosher's newest work, the "City of Clowns" EP continues her musical journey as a rootsy, seductive songstress telling tales of growing up in Los Angeles, where people are not always as they seem. Mosher shows she can do it all, while not being afraid to push the mainstream envelope."-Clare Jensen, Tacoma Weekly

"Everything You Need is a must-hear! Check out Lay Me Down for Mosher at her best." -Jessica Draper, Performing Songwriter Magazine

“The disc's smart mix of rootsy rock and quieter, acoustic-based moments brings to mind (Sheryl) Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club debut. Everything You Need contains everything Americana rock fans need -- it is an impressively confident and compelling disc that bodes well for Mosher's future. -Michael Berick, All Music Guide

*Esquire Magazine's Best Cover Songs 2009, Cover Songs Men Could Listen To - The Who "Blue, Red, And Grey" performed by Manda Mosher

“Terrific, sensuous vocals and beautifully crafted, involving, heartfelt songs fill this album.” -Paul Freeman, Palo Alto Daily News

"Mosher has attitude and an unmistakable undercurrent of fire." -Michael Lipton, Charleston Gazette

"Melodious, sultry, moody, and mellifluous... Manda Mosher has everything going for her: the looks, the sonorities, the chart sound, and any number of winning aspects no matter how you approach her work." -
Mark S. Tucker, FAME /Acoustic Music

"Jumping into the musical fray -Manda Mosher takes the leap from the backlight to the spotlight...deftly combining crafty pop smarts as a writer, a cool, understated vocal style and rootsy elements, Mosher makes an alluring sound, somewhere between artful pop and a harder, rock space." -Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Press News

"Manda Mosher is poised to become a leading light of modern singer-songwriters, someone able to encapsulate the emotional terrain of life and romance with a soul much wiser than her young years." -Bill Bentley, Sonic Boomers

"This debut alum showcases a singer-songwriter road-hardened and studio-ready. Full of uncontrived arrangements with a stripped-down, rootsy instrumental sound... Well worth hearing especially if you're a fan of contemporary country pop/rock." -Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine (UK)

“Much in the spirit of other strong alt-country singer-songwriters like Kathleen Edwards and Sara Cox, Manda Mosher skirts the genre with enough mainstream pop appeal to avoid being so easily classifiable. She plays a dobro and blows a harmonica (“Thank You”) where she hears fit. Her smooth delivery on Pete Townshend’s “Blue, Red and Grey” and her own “Don’t You Know” owe more to Karen Carpenter than, say, Lucinda Williams, while the whirling, whimsical flourishes of “One True Love” flash moments of Nashville under its pop tent as the organ gently purrs behind Mosher’s honeyed vocals – the sudden “oohs” taking things to another level. “Wash It All Away” and the title track work similarly, relying on the tightknit groove of mildly distorted guitars, emerging Hammond organs, and Mosher’s unpretentious delivery to build the songs to dramatic heights without ever threatening the sound barrier. It’s soft rock with a sturdy backbone and unashamed pop hooks." -
Official iTunes Review

"Manda has been one of my favorite Indie artists male or female that I have ever come across."  -Christi Broekemeier, The Rock & Roll Report


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